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Namesta,my name is Ramesh Sunar. I am 32 years old. In my family there are four brothers, one sister1 one coujin brother and father and mother. among the brother I am the second youngest, in my family all members are unemployed and uneducated as we couldn’t afford for the education and better living. three months back there was big earthquake here in Nepal which affected us severely. Most of the nepalese lost their lives, loved ones and their houses and basic needs. My family are also the victims of earthquake as we lost our house where all of our family members were living together. Now we don’t have proper living place and food to feed on as due to earthquake there is no employment opportunity to earn and rebuild the place that was so dear and near to us. I am also heart patient. I had operation when I was small. Due to heart problems, I am not able to work, play ,be involved in everything like others. I have to take medicine everyday and visit doctor once a week.I have been surviving with the help of my brother and father. If Santosh brother was not in my life .I wouldn’t have got this new life. With the help of Santosh brother I have got this new life and a beginning . Due to earthquake., our house collapsed, where all family members where living together,sharing joy and pain . thankfully no one got injured,everyone is safe and sound. Now we are living outside in empty land, we don’t know till when we have to live like this in empty space with no roof and proper food to survive. ..